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    Changchun FAWSN Group Co., Ltd. is a FAW joint stock company with a diversification of the main investors. Mainly focus on Auto parts manufacturing and automotive spare parts warehousing logistics industry. It was founded on December 2012 and located in the in the important center city of Northeast-China old industrial bases—Changchun. 

    The company currently has 5028 employees, with more than 2000 sets of all kinds of equipments. The company has 15 subsidiary companies among which 12 auto parts enterprises provide brake module, steering module, electronic electric appliance module, interior and exterior module, R&D for engine accessories module, production and on time delivery mission for clients. Clients including FAW Volkswagen, FAW CAR Co. Ltd., FAW Tianjin, FAW Jiefang, FAW light vehicle, Beijing Automotive, Shenyang GM as well as some other FAW Group market and the Northeast market. It has formed a heavy, medium and light, car and other varieties of auto parts supporting structure. 

    With the substantial increase in automobile production and sales, the enterprise follow-up rapidly and formed the production bases layout as mainly in Changchun headquarter Chengdu and Foshan as supplements. It also made considerable progress in automobile spare parts supporting products. The comprehensive production capacity is more than one million sets. Especially recent years, Changchun FAWSN Group Co., Ltd. with the United States Lear, Tenneco, Germany’s BOSCH and other Brand Company set up joint venture companies in accordance with the FAW Group internal core components in resource planning. The company makes full use of the joint venture parties world leading engineering technology, product research and development capabilities, as well as in the field of automotive related systems expertise, resources and experience. It also has the ability to design R & D synchronization and automotive OEMs and creates a management team with high technique and experienced experts. 

    The new Fu Sheng adjusts the development strategy, explicitly proposed to “build a auto parts brand company with core competitiveness” as the strategic development orientation. Set up new ideas, build a new team, and propagate the Company value of "Integrity gathers strength, Innovation creates the future". Fu Sheng Company continuously improves enterprise core competitiveness and devotes itself to promote the development of China’s auto parts industry.  

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